12th SGS annual meeting | Basel | 06 to 07 February 2020

« child, sport and health»




12th annual meeting of the Swiss Society of Sport Science

The world is changing in many ways. The planet is warming due to climate change, more and more robots and technological aids are applied in the working environment and we humans are becoming more and more sedentary.

Life expectancy is increasing worldwide, changing the classic age pyramid in many western countries due to ageing societies. This change in societal structures, combined with a sharp increase in sedentary lifestyles, results in a situation, which – from a public health perspective – should be viewed with serious concern as it is leading to a massive increase in noncommunicable diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease amongst others. It is well accepted that physical activity should be the cornerstone of the treatment strategy for most of these diseases. Nowadays we know that overweight people who engage in regular physically active are faced with smaller health issues than inactive overweight people.

The development and implementation of adequate programs to promote physical activity is therefore highly relevant. The promotion and development of "fundamental movement skills" during childhood is a relevant approach to achieving lifelong enjoyment in physical activities and for the successful development of a child. In the course of this annual conference, the title words "Child, Sport and Health" will therefore be examined from various aspects. Amongst other topics, the health effects of physical activity and inactivity will be examined, programs for injury prevention in leisure and elite sports will be presented, psychological and social-emotional aspects of physical activity will be analyzed and the implementation of scientific findings in practice will be discussed.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Basel. We offer a wide-ranging scientific framework program, which shall cover the interests of all participants. We would like to welcome you and are looking forward to your participation.


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